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Critical surfing

October 17, 2012

                      Just Curious


Reading about theologian and philosophers, what are they talking about reality and faith, , it seems to me pretty abstract. Somebody says that you need not a visible proof for God like science.pardon,  theology is a science, faith is reality, God is visible in his works and He  will return like He said. I tried to find about fields of reality in human and I lost myself in surfing. But, who  believes need to know  new facts in this new world.   The last I’ve heard is that about God you cannot speak  in positive way because we only know that what He is not. God is Love. But here, I experienced reality in a few different  ways, through my mental illness, but with all of  myself and environment, I spoke with  people  even I knew that   it must be something wired. That is not a question.  The fact is that I didn’t imagine that and I made a conclusion that it is for real, it was very realistic, more than shopping which seems to me like an illusion, like the one who is buying is not realistic, only paying is reality.

The other kind of reality is spiritual development, so is in the love of God, other I do not know. One different reality is to make an abortion,  which seems to me like a madness and we are doing those things all the time. What does it have with healthy mind? Is that real, to come home and have no money at all and not wear the shoes you bought;  is that real, think all your life that you kill your baby and speak the other children of yours about love. What is that? Is that real  to print money and make crisis? Are all those things the same category of consciousness in ones mind, in the spirit of human?

And the other thing is  that we do not care for what is happening to the others, only in love – so they are not real at all to us with their problems. So , it must be a subjective reality. Somebody only in shopping can relax and that is okay if that person have cash, that is real for me. Because I do not think sometimes about future, when I am planning to take a credit, I know only as far as I have earned money, so if something happens to me, it will be payed anyhow. It is reality, but would not be if my spirit is not at work. People say that it is IQ,  but you do not need the high IQ  to know such a thing. When you are very clever, your mind enjoy to use itself and it uses people for his own purposes and sometimes for those whom  he loves. But what kind of spiritual  reality is that? That is a mistake, that could be an exaltation; it’s a sin.

Nor theology, neither philosophy do not talk about reality  like me because everybody is trying to be objective. My view is not wrong, but subjective and where  people will come if they  are not objective? Maybe in the community of spirit reality.

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