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Existing In Fear

October 17, 2012

    Existing In Fear


One kind of reality , which we  all know more or less, is a fear. When you tremble a little, it is usual every day life reality. When a big dog suddenly jumps on you,  horror  stream through you for a moment; even when you are watching a good horror movie, but it isn’t like that dog or maybe the spider – that is another field  of reality, but if you feel always ( it is a disease ) that trembling, little fear and sometimes a horror , that  is something else. Who ever has felt like that, never wastes the  time any  more. Ordinary fear from death can grow , but it is not unusual; you can look on death like it will stop your fear, if nothing else. But if you believe in God devotional, than you don’t do the thinking about the end of life, you are not limited in your mind. That is the beautyfull spirit reality.

Back to the fear. If  you are afraid, you can, ill or not, experience in your soul, your mind, your body the fear from somebody or something who or which can get you, not only kill you, but like you will stop to be what you are deep in yourself, it is a fear  that you will  stop exist in some spiritual way.That can you feel always, that you are not existing,  and if you feel like you are not sure that  you are existing , it means that you are in another  field  of reality, spiritual, but  not only in thoughts, in mind. That is a prejudice  that you experience those things only in your mind, that is what people say: forget it, don’t think about it or so. That you cannot  forget never completely. If there is not an accident, the war or so, there are no people who feel the same as  you and you are alone in your different reality, but it doesn’t mean that  the another kind of reality doesn’t exist;  and you exist in it.

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P.s. my religious explanation is that your spirit is in sin or it fights with sin and that you don’t know God. If you do  have faith in that way that you know Jesus and love Him, you can only feel the fear that you could hurt Him.   


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