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Possessing Yourself

October 17, 2012

Possessing Yourself


 THE FACT IS THAT A PERSON IS RELATION. It is maybe hard to think about the human like  he HAS  NOT anything, but he IS something. It is more logical to think that a human is somebody, somebody who doesn’t possess anything, even his body, specially himself. It doesn’t  deny that a human exist. How do you know that you exist? I became sure that I exist when I was in pain. The pain can be weak, but you know with all of you and what you are that you exist for sure and for ever.

It is the hardest thing  for me now to describe or explain the difference between being something and to be somebody. But  people think like they are something, the science says that a fetus is not a human yet, but  nobody knows when is that moment when life begins. That is because people do not take the spiritual life like it is not in mind only, like the nerves  are what move the mind and the mind move the spirit. We know all about it, but  we do not live like we know that. To be conscious doesn’t  help much, neither the meditation. The spirit moves life.

If you have  rich spirit life, it is painful because you become out of  every day reality and that reality will not give you the time for do the thinking. Thinking is a tool of spirit. And your thinking is endless, conclusions are running through your head and you are falling because you cannot check them, but you have to  check every conclusion in your existing, sooner or later.

Because you are always in relation with something or somebody and because you have a desire to explore every of  your relations.

That all I’ve said because I am enough of thinking only about soul and body, world and God, good and bad… if you do not believe Jesus,  it  doesn’t mean that you need not  make a step forward in checking your conclusions in every day reality.

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