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Kids Are Listening

October 18, 2012

Kids  Are Listening


The art of writing notes from the pupils in school, the art of making and providing excuses from the kids is just  one example among many  how the elderly are naive and how the humanity is going upstairs, very fast, from one generation to  another. Some taught us that a mind can do the best in early years, but I will rather  call it a prosperity  of a human beings.

When  parents try to raise their children,  it happens that they really don’t give  the space and air to them. It is unbelievable to me how the parents and the others  try to teach the kids how to do this or that and never know what are the kids able to, or they do know and do not want it. It is a question what does the parent’s love mean. It looks to me like selfishness. People care about  children, but is it  enough? Don’t they need to love  more like they are grown  and mature?

And where does  that needs  for having children come from?

And why mature people do not leave the kids  alone?  Why they do not answer when kids ask ?

And why are we think that Jesus left us and that we celebrate him only like memory? Celebrating Jesus doesn’t mean remembering Him, it is doing, living; spirit and soul are doing things, it is not just a mind and body what is doing something, but a man who  is  alive do things , that is in Christ. That is a difference, it is not only mind which we say that lives, we say that mind is something, and the mind is not a human. And to love the kids is not only an emotion, an indefinite feeling…

Jesus is Love, Love is the Life which is flowing in our breath and everything else  is  dust ‘n’ ashes which will get a life again.

That is a fact. Many of humans know that.  Many are death, but alive. Many people in history  said so  in the most various ways.  They are witnesses of Christ. They have children and love them and pray for kids. Kids are talking with God, they are talking unusual things, they don’t lie.  They love their parents and listen … parents do not love.1810 2329



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