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Speakers And Listeners

October 18, 2012

   Speakers And Listeners



Look at this one, I am not a speaker at all.

I will never speak  like I do these writings, I speak like a small frightened child. My vocabulary is full  of mixed foreign  languages and I am never clear, have too many words to say ,  don’t have a time to explain  what I mean and the result of all is a silence.

And I listen and absorb all I hear;  listen a person for years, once a week,, trying to find a way how to answer clearly and usefully. The more is  some person  full of everything and nonimportancess, the deeper I explore his soul  with curiosity and do not figure what is that he is speaking about.  It can last for many years,  I have a few such  cases, it is still going on. I had sometimes some replies, short and close to what is the most important about certain person’s life

And that is the only result I have.

Do I need a conclusion  now?

Let’s say that I can listen,  maybe I really know how to listen  actively  and that is a story of our relationships.

That is why I have to write, nobody listen  when  I speak.



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