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Honest Digging

October 19, 2012

SMILE                        Honest Digging


2001 The more I learn blogging, the more I have to do the selfcontrol,

The most because of my incurable honesty which is going to be even  worse with my awful language.  It takes courage sometimes to publish

something . But  it has to be very good for me, for my desire for the introspection and that you can do only on your own skin.  I mean, I’m only human, although I’m introspecting the mercy of Jesus . Naturally, the most easier way is to write a diary and tell you if I want to say how am I doing. And I am doing well, I am digging in me all over and everywhere; maybe you can imagine how it is when you do not have the other person, saying in the loneliness: „Talk to me?“ and so.

Wasn’t yesterday in the temple,  and the other day, only on Monday to clean a little those little stones which are falling out of mosaic.  I have a small piece ,  don’t know where it belongs, so  I took it by and to myself.

I’m sure I will hear from you. 1910 2037


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