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Make Yourself at Home

October 20, 2012


                  Make Yourself at Home


People want to situate themselves in life. But Christ, the Son of Man doesn’t have a place to put a head on. We  have to situate ourselves into the invisible, the untouchable which is in ourselves and among us.

You even have to reform your own family, the home is not to have a house any more. Think hard if you want to  step in the marriage. Ask and look at the families and children all over the world which became virtual. To situate is not the point, but to move, to be dynamic, always relax on the fly.

If you’re in love, be in love with all, make a virtual and dynamic home for your children of the future  because world is changing fast. You do not have to travel , the foreigners will come to you. The jobs are the home jobs, on the street  or in the mountains with the iPfone and  the stick. Or so.

If you are elder and want to have a comfort, think what will be comfort in thirty years for your children, it will  not be what it is now.  You will be physically apart, in virtual touch and you will have to be in love in the team.

You will have to love the world, wherever it will be.


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