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October 21, 2012

Reading a little about philosopher and theologian of before a hundred and fifty years, Soren Kierkegaard,  didn’t know that he speaks about subjectivity and reality just  like I agree with him. But,  there is one thing which I would like to observe. One proclaims and the other agrees ( and who knows how many else ) this: „There is not such a thing in the world that is Christianity-„ and they are speaking about many signs, things,  suits and buildings which are saying that here is a Church, the Christianity, but where are the people? Nobody lives the Christianity of New Testament.

It is right, bishops are here to defense the people and priests, so the Christians can have a little peace to celebrate Christ, and the sacramental life. That is what I see. All those sings of Church are real the walls around me, that’s what I feel,  like catacombs and cemeteries in the very begin of Christianity, while the apostoles were still on this world, and Mary. They were praying and celebrating  on the places which were not easy to find and to enter. So is today. Bishops are alive wall around me, I feel secure and relax and I forget the world and myself,  all the things and worries from the world when I come into the church to pray and meet  God, with people, in the privilege way. Because, I know when I am in the world and it is dangerous because I am always in a temptation, I am a sinner potential , the whole time in the world. And I feel good in the temple of mine or in the Cathedral, all around are alive walls.

The other thing is that Jesus was here and nobody believed Him,  maybe ten percent  of ordinary people, those who was ill and even the apostols doubted in Him. Jesus saw what is happening with people and He knew that His Church will be exactly the same like He was: if you do not believe and you see the cross and the benches only like in ordinary world reality, you wouldn’t believe even than if Jesus is the man in front of you. But if you believe, you see Him everywhere.




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