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Get Serious

October 21, 2012

Get serious



There won’t be a kingdom of heaven till Jesus won’t come for the second time.

When he come, one human will be taken and the other won’t.

The world has good or less good believers.

The world is in sins. And believers are always in sins. Everybody has an opportunity in his life, and the world has it. Even Jesus, neither Father do not know if world be better,  without hate, violence and so;  if the world will take the opportunity to convert.  God only knows what will happen in both cases. But human has a choice and he is making the decision.

World has to work hardly on itself. God is here, waiting, but a human have to deal with psychology, politics and everything else, with God’s help. World will always be the same and it is constantly changing.

Believing and not doing the efforts  to deal with reality of the  world is not what  did Jesus think and taught us.



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