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Who Doesn’t Love America

October 21, 2012

                   Who doesn’t  love America?



Trading or shopping is about  changing and dealing love among people. It is a desire for affirmation and for what is the most, what is more great. At least, it is a thirst for God.

We have to be what we are and we have to have somebody better near by who will guide or  provoke us.

Economy is an excuse for not doing the thinking.  Politics have to be a good economists, philosophy  is just some kind of hobby or dealing with culture, like it is art or a family life. And you are supposed to be  a lawyer.

We say that politics have an influence on economy, but without politics we do not have nor head, neither a tail.  It is only important for politics to change and to develop, but not hide behind economy.

Politics put one problem  under the carpet, that is a national feeling. Big nations are not aware how they are big nationalists. And small nations, local nationalists, who are less danger ,  but are pretty loud, live in ignoring or worse, they musn’t be nationalists any more,  like big forces are. It will not change, just imagine that you can’t feel and  shout that you are an American, born in US or succseeded in US. That is with small nations, the same thing.

Do you have a strong national feeling because you think you live in the best place on earth? The most powerful, more big,  with developed everything? Would you be a nationalist if your nation would be a  small one? Isn’t that a same thing?

And that is a matter of politics. Not only managing wars, terrorism and economy; they are  ununderstandable without history, philosophy and national feelings. You need to know all those things to be a politician.

Economy is just a trading, the management for feelings. 




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