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Do socialists make mistakes?

October 22, 2012


                 Do Socialists make mistakes?             




Difference between a mistake and a sin is that you are making the same mistakes and not forget them.

But when God forgives you a sin a few times, you are changing

in yourself and  forgeting sins because they do not exist any more,  God makes that the sin of yours disappear and a lot of good things are happening instead. That is the way when a human becoming a better person.

The sins are organized and  if you are strongwilled in faith, you see the results  which are simply unbelievable,  it is not enough to think and suggest yourself, you can put the things like that away. God does the whole work.

You only have to know what are you believing and you get to know Lord and you start to trust Him. That is all, your faith is a proof that Jesus is real.

The sin is the bad person who died, but he left  the tracks of himself. That is what I believe. The sin is happening when you are weak and that is because you  forget God. The best way to get closer to Jesus is reading  the Bible and learning about Him in a prayer. Forget your wishes, don’t ask the God if you are not close to Him. That is a mistake, but it is not a sin.


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