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Faulty Benches

October 22, 2012

                   Contemplation Failed



Exchange of goods was  making  on the benches. People improved money to do exchange and the benches became the Banks. That was a logic mistake. Misunderstanding. Now, how much is Van Gogh against Facebook? It is not about food and roof, it is about surviving. What do you need to breath? What do you need the most? What does Van Gogh mean to you if you have bread and  opposite?

Money started to live his own life. He became a person, he became an institution, he became the causing of changes.  He was supposed to be the practical tool , only somebody another and he became a jealous lover who wants be the first and the only one. In a Biblical way he might be the object of soul in sin of greedness, in sin of will for power and in sin of corruption and prostitution.

How come the money is only something what you can make and to make money  you need a lot of money? You need to spend, not to earn. So,  the money in the way how world is thinking can make a criminal.  And the criminal is crime and crime is a sin. A mistake.

Now, we have the credit cards  and intellectual property. That is what is wanted: a new idea. An idea is the most valuable  goods.

To have a property doesn’t mean  to live  decent , it means: I need it because I want to invest and I need to invest because I have a passion,  needs, an idea for survive in a spiritual way, or virtual. And I need to sell something, only on the price for my investment which means I don’t need a profit. Not in the first place.

But sins exist in a human’s will. If you don’t believe in God, you will never have a real profit.

This was a meditation and meditation is a failed contemplation.2210  1655


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