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To Do the Thinking

October 22, 2012


                           To Do the Thinking



You have to catch a sentence. Which you will remember for sure. To remember one’s particular sentence means to get a sign that something is maybe not logic or that is something worth thinking because of the discovering the wisdom.

Pull out important words from the sentence.

It is very therapeutic if you find a time to make notes. And you know the BASES of logical conclusions. You SUBJECTIVELY are looking for FACTS about that sentence, for real:  about one’s mind and his thoughts. If you don’t conclude something new, at least you will learn a few things about psychology, sociology and about the inner life of the person whose sentence are you doing the thinking about. If that person is yourself, you can note more facts, make a post or put the note on the table and read it next day. You will see with“new eyes“ what was happening and you can add something and post it in your book of wisdom.

There are many sentences, the procedure is the same. It is a physical work.


One word is:     Haiti has different reality from Siberia.

Next word is:     I am reality.

Conclusion is:    World is an object.


One word is:    I’ve found God in me.

Next word is:   God is with us.

Conclusion is:  I am not God.


One word is:    World is an object.

Next  word is:   I am not God.

Conclusion is:   God is watching on me.





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