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October 22, 2012

                            Welfare – work



It is a difference between Marxist- socialist and socialist who are voting for something what translator gave me as a welfare, it means welfare-work. In some languages welfare-work means sociality and one who is voting for sociality is not a socialist than socialitist.

So, there is a difference when some vote for care of poor people

and invalids. He is not a socialist.

Socialist is a  Marxist, he vote for dictatorship of one party which is taking care of all people in another way. It was like that a hundred years ago.

Marx speaks that a worker is selling his work like goods. The human becomes just a goods without personality, but he always has a bred and a bed and roof, it is for sure. And, Marx do not think that he is religious, religion is an opium for the  crowd.

There are many of Marxists among socialists and socialitists.

They are very strong party in the world, many of them are not loud  believers, they live  like very rich people and they are believing in  their party’s rules more than into themselves.  They are  pretty cold people, maybe alienated because maybe they think not of themselves for their loyalty to the rules of the party. And they are educated. They call themselves a democrats, but so does everybody.


I do not believe in democracy because it looks like an anarchy if you are not religious. And it doesn’t go together, one party and democracy. It is like democracy is opium which makes anarchy and you need to put some rules to the crowd.


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