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October 23, 2012


Town made a cloned duck-shaped cyborg which was about eight year child tall, he had the long and thin spiral limbs, hands with the palm and legs with the soles of duck, and he had a duck head and beak, but didn’t had eyes. He was very pretty,  nice designed and was gray-blue  with white palms and soles, and his beak was white. They named him Stimulator.

He was the one of a few, demonstrating his energy on the disables who were sitting  on the chairs on the square; he went from one to another,  tapping  their knees and sniffing them like a young dog   and he was  sending warm therapy  vibrations,  even people around, who  were watching that, were in a good mood and they smiled. Everybody smiled on that clones  when seeing  any. There were screens that showed him. Town was happy and people worked better, they were more productive.

Stimulator was very expensive and unexplored.  There was an interesting information that little grey rats disappear where  Duck was walking, he was movable and went through the streets, finding poor people and giving them health and joy.

The best thing was that Town succeed to create one who laughed. His lough was as the song of the angels, they put him on the screens.

People payed all taxes and gave a lot of many to the science. Everybody worked for exploring Stimulator. Some of the rich have bought one like a pet and friends gathered around him.

Grey-blue Duck could live longer that a human, but every new one was better and better. Everybody adored Stimulator. Town started to worship him like deity.

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