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Disease, Abusing and Women

October 24, 2012
English: A young girl kisses a baby on the cheek.

English: A young girl kisses a baby on the cheek. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My sister and her baby.

My sister and her baby. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


There it was, I get a medicine for this next month. This time it was fast. I am still alive and I am doing very well.

When you are ill, you start to be afraid for  your children and they start to be afraid for you. You do not afraid and do not worry for yourself.

When your child is ill, your life is changing in  a very  hard way. You are changing. You forget yourself, that was with me. And you forget everything  else, but your child.  You never think , that was with me, that you have to think of yourself.

That is what I am learning. Not to worry about the children and push them away from you, they have grown up ,  and if they haven’t , must do it fast from now. I ‘ve  learned them that I live only for them. Now, I am much better, they are not ill and everything is perfect.

What can I say if you have one ill child and the others are well in case that you are not a single, so, you have love and support  from the husband . You  may be a normal family, with many efforts.

If you’re single and have an ill child, but do not have a husband because he had abused you, you really need friends and expert help.

In my case, I have three, I am a single and , during the war I already had a diagnose and  a little baby boy. Had no friends. Didn’t need  experts. It was very dangerous for me to take a baby to the doctor because of suspisiously  minds in town ( it looked like a civil war, but it was an aggression). And I lost my income. Stayed with my children and waiting for baby to be born. Then I lost myself , trying to concentrate on baby which was healthy but nervous, and a hungry boy.I didn’t have food, no milk, to gave him. Never could have a trust in anybody. And I sent a baby away from me, to his wealthy father. After seventeen years, the boy, my son, came to me. ( now, there are some indications of  a civil war again and riots, protests and so on ).  We are perfect like a family, as much as we can be. 2410 1127


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