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Free Of Thoughts

October 24, 2012

More Space

I don’t know what am I writing of. There are many thoughts which I have to organize. This is why I’ve written the essay last year, two years ago, almost. Now, it is more easier, I didn’t tell all, but the most disturbing thoughts are written and I am free of them; I have a new ones which are mixed with old news, but my mind has much more space.

For the second time in last two years, I am trying to read and I read this what is happening on the blogs. Sometimes , if the article is too long or with a small letters, I quit, but it is rare.  I adore some pictures and had a few replies, but learn as much as I am abroad, which I almost never was. So, it is a big step in two months.

Celtic language Wikipedias over time ( Feb 06 ...

Celtic language Wikipedias over time ( Feb 06 – 07 ) (Photo credit: James Morrison)

And so, for the first time I’ve put my eyes what Wikipedia writes about my country. It is a strange feeling, when wise heads are putting their heads together and speak about I know better than all of them.  😉


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