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Concentration Disturbed

October 25, 2012

Concentration Disturbed




What is the most important is that a human has faith always, and he is spiritual. From the spirit he knows about history  and he knows the connection between cause and what goes after and from the spirit he knows that he has to give a help or support some who is far away from him. Common sense is the gift from the spirit origin.

If you are disturbed , you can’t concentrate.

If somebody is suffering ,  you want to help urgently and you are disturbed. Human can give a medicine and a simple good word, one is from the mind, the other is from the spirit, but you do not know how does the suffering human really feel and can’t go inside his pain  or  suffering. Mind can  stop the pain with medicine. If your suffering is close to the other human’s suffering, you know what to say to him, but that happens rare because suffering is different  between people. Everybody know what pain is, but it doesn’t help the pain stops. But humans explore the science when spirit is not disturbed. They know from the spirit that they have to help others and that is the most important thing. So, a human doesn’t think and concentrate on his own experience, his reality becomes exploring how to help.

But when a human has no time or possibility to concentrate on helping others, he feel that he is alone and he is still disturbed with the thoughts about the others or he can concentrate on his own reality. Then he can see clearly the difference between his mind, emotions and spirit. It is easier in the light of faith that is contemplated, that is when you pray and think about what and who are you believe at.

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