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October 25, 2012
English: The Bee Gees in Dutch television show...

English: The Bee Gees in Dutch television show Twien (1968) Français : Les Bee Gees à la télévision hollandaise (1968). De gauche à droite : Barry Gibb, Robin Gibb & Maurice Gibb. Nederlands: The Bee Gees in het Nederlandse televisieprogramma Twien (1968) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



When we listened to the Radio Luxemburg in the middle of Former Yugoslavia about the year 1967, it was hard to catch a word to translate, but it was  fascinating how the program manager of the radio emission talked, fast and lively. But we, naughty children, welcomed The Bee Gees; then I’ve made a translation for the first time. And there was a boy who was adorable for the girls, he looked like Robin Gibb. It was my primary school.

After that the fashion came. My mother was buying „Burda“ magazine…oh, how nice it was to look,  to stare at the pictures of garden coffee time  in the white dresses on the nice green grass (and to listen Tom Jones ), and all the sets of tables and chairs in white. And many pretty people.

That all was in my home, and because I was very young, it was a normal thing and now is the beautiful part of my memories.


Even the step on the moon was something the most normal thing. I was not aware of differences and borders. That I’ve learned much later and still do; and the more I learn, the more I see a big difference .



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