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Without A Profit

October 26, 2012
English: The calligraphic logo of the nonprofi...

English: The calligraphic logo of the nonprofit organization Alwan Foundation for the Arts. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Without A Profit




WHAT ARE THE NONPROFIT ORGANIZATIONS FOR IF THEY DO NOT HAVE MONEY.  It is easy, they have to blog. I am the nonprofit organization. But I have to have a plan which is my honest purpose to do what I really want to do, but not to think how to make some money so  I could live and work.. Only thing  that can bring me funds is my quality pure creative work. I have a workshop and can put my ideas on auction.

But it is more important to me to make a conversations with everyone and I need not  sell   anything. I have to invest my personal property, to include my brain, spirit, hands and legs and take the risk for my family and friends.

If I am really doing something, it is enough for me to survive, but it is more important that my work and things I’ve done survive.

If that is not a case, I have no loss, no bankruptcy, no debts  and can start again .


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