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Conscience And Counsciousness

October 27, 2012

What Do the Conscience and the Counsciousness do


To be conscious,  to be aware depend of experience and learning, it lead us to knowledge and wisdom. That is from the human’s body and soul the most.

Hannah Arendt: a bad conscience does not neces...

Hannah Arendt: a bad conscience does not necessarily signify a bad character (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

To have a conscience mean to hear the voice of God in human’s spirit. That voice is telling you about good and less good things you’ve done. It can be restless, but it is dangerous if your conscience is peaceful. That is because your aware is developed enough to know , with a cognition, what are you doing, whether you want to admit that to yourself or not.

If you do not admit to yourself that something is suspiciously in your mind, you forget the suspiciously which come from the conscience. We do a lot of that. We took responsibilities of body and soul to protect others, but more ourselves and than the conscience gives you signals which can cause many problems in yourself if you do not listen your restless suspiciously and do not do the thinking about them.

The conscience of a human can never be safe, even when he do the lot of things and thinking. Because that exist something that is called „religious restless“, it  is  permanent searching for God.

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