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An Anger

October 28, 2012
snake - eastern hognose (not poisonous)

snake – eastern hognose (not poisonous) (Photo credit: Bikes And Books)

There is so much not to tell,

The snake of mine went out

And the walls of my mind crashed.

I’m wearing as I am well,

But I threw the poison of shout,

Still don’t know what happened.


It came to me back to my soul,

I’m sure it’s something abnormal,

Who can, on the earth, live like that?

„That“ ask of a human to crawl!

Such a snake I didn’t have at all

And the Predators have it, I bet.


So, that is when you’re angry,

You become a giant,

And you’re throwing a fire.

Thanks for listen carefully,

The witch I’m not,

But my blog I admire.

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