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Blog Suffers All

October 28, 2012

Blog  Suffers All



The Predator of mine, from my early years of childhood,

Sin título-Perú-

Sin título-Perú- (Photo credit: Carles Cerulla)

whom I respect and who still lives, has surprised me today. I’m so nervous, although can’t find a big important sin in my soul, except disorder of self-confidence and that is not a sin.

First, I am very sorry because the Predator was so nervous about my existing that I had to run off him in the fear that I will make a sin. I didn’t have a patience with her and, to be honest, I do not care. The sorry is because my efforts to make some difference in our relations, which seemed to be smaller, didn’t made a simple move through the years. People in front of me acting like they understand and like me, but suddenly they explode like a vulcano. There are two of them and maybe, I fear, more.

That is not because I provoke, because my honesty hits the avalanches. That is because they know somehow that I am speaking with great self-confidence here,  nobody knows that side of me. The blog is my therapist. I see you, healthy people,

and get used to be an abused child who succeeds to improve itself. Only with that speaking in some kind of freedom, I know that post can look silly , but my experience is real and supreme to the people who act as they know what am I talking about and think that I am poor. They also think that I am mad,

Confidence and Paranoia

Confidence and Paranoia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

only they are not sure how to define „madness“ – that doesn’t bother me at all. But I am hurt because they think I’m sillier , that they are clever and we are all poor, but I am only one who see that, they think that they are better than me.

Now, when I’ve  discovered why I feel bad, I’m better.


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