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“Good Intentions” And The Challenged

October 28, 2012


„Good Intentions“ And The Challenged



When I criticize, it is a self-criticality.

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Critical thinking everybody have to develop from the early ages.

When I meet a stranger, the first thing have to be a respect. And I do not tell immediately that he is wrong, but I try to understand what he really means, there is always a hidden problem in the human.

But when I love, I feel like I am  the part of you. Then my criticality starts. If I say that is all in the order, that means that I think that I wait and try to know you better.


Critical thinking is a science which I do not know, but , as everybody, I have an opinion which is more or less clear.

When I criticize a lot, that means I know what I am talking about and I become more clear, but it don’t look like I have good intentions.

Someone said that good intentions leads to the hell. I agree.

It is the  properties of critical thinking that it has to solve problems, one by one, each human says what he thinks and listens what the others think and we get a common opinion sometimes ( then we call it an objectivity, but I do not, only the Lord is objective).

A Belgian artist said also: there is not such a thing as provocations. There are only those who are challenged.

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