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The Fight Of The Human

October 28, 2012

The Fight Of The Human




Only God is good.  He creates only good. He gives us freedom. We have the right to choose.

It is almost clear that we have to fight against our sins to make ourselves better humans and it is almost obvious that we know what is good because we know what is less good. But nobody ever said that the pure evil exist. The world is not a fight between bad and good. It is a fight of human to be more  human, in  God and with God’s help. That is only I can acsept because I want to be better, to make a world a better place and I want to do that with my own forces in freedom, I want to be free and so on. And God doesn’t help me if I do not ask in some way for help. Today, I think it is a God’s will what is the most important to me because I have much, much more than I ever wanted, so, I feel close to God  and it is normal to me to do something with His help because it make me more myself. That is the miracle, but it is not a secret. It is my experience.

God, the Father gave us guidelines in Ten Commandments, then He gave us His Son Jesus and then He will come once again, for the last time; I see it like a God’s pedagogy.


So, there is not good and bad, there is no absolute pure evil, maybe only good and less good.



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