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A Commercial Break (under 18)

October 29, 2012

A Commercial Brake ( UNDER  18)


A young girl was standing behind the hustings, reading a document, in front of the whole United Buddies. It was a commercial break, when they said in the media that she won a price in her political project in the school. It was a short essay about peace in the world and prosperity.

She said that elderly want from the children to be a good guys, but they do not respect the rules which they put in front of her.

She was reading about many „musn’t doo“s and how she is doing only what is allowed.

Everybody clapped their hands, it was a big applause . But the girl wasn’t as mature to see that the price and approval doesn’t mean that she has changed anything.

It was a blunder, a big mistake that United Buddies made. They wanted to show that they understand what the girl is talking about.

They gave this girl a very good lesson.  She has learned that a fight for peace c


UNITED BUDDY BEARS (Photo credit: hansco)

ould be a  profitable business. And it was allowed.


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