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Believers Organized

October 29, 2012
Holy Spirit Stained Glass

Holy Spirit Stained Glass (Photo credit: hickory hardscrabble)

Believers Organized



With  the gifts of Holy Spirit and with a proven faith, which needs time, and in the good service from past, it is normal for our  „rock“ , Benedict XII to be wise, lucid and focused, that what are the popes for, among many other duties.


The most important is that  the pope have an inspiration from the Spirit of Jesus as the writers of the Holy Bible had. And He has bishops who are all doing in that one spirit. Catholic Church is old , has experience, has learned from the past and , believe me, She knows what is she doing.


The Church is the body of Christ, where  all the believers are her limbs and where Christ is the head. She is the best organized body in the world.


p.s. the gifts are many. One is the common sense, the other is wisdom, the other is knowledge and speaking languages, and so on.

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