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A Rival

November 2, 2012
Ian Fleming's image of James Bond; commissione...

Ian Fleming’s image of James Bond; commissioned to aid the Daily Express comic strip artists. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A Rival


She was spoiled. He never has thought about  girl’s business.

He was always a writer, and he never could get the inspiration without me. I knew that I am better, much better then him, but it was the only way for me to keep him beside me. Writing was everything to him,  and he was everything to me.

She said that he is  bad. And his novel depended on her mood.

If he could launch this novel, it will be a  good shot and we had a plan to promote it. It was very good science fiction novel which talked about the future of the human opportunities and it could  tricked hungry readership.

–         People want a sensation, she said.

–         It is a sensation, just take a look at…

–         Seems bored, she didn’t understand and she didn’t have even read the parts. There was not a dialogue  at all.


I knew it can be a good movie, as a documentary movie which has to be very realistic. I could intrigue her, but he couldn’t repeat my enthusiasm as he repeated my phrases.


Whatever, he started to put dialogues in the novel. He skipped half a piece of it. It became a classic continuing James Bond scenario.


I was lonely, lost and powerless. He spent a time with her. And she was attractive. I was much older. They succeeded

to make a spectacle and another one.


I didn’t had to think much. I was very imaginative and realistic. I’ve made a scenario for the plain crash. Three people died in the accident. I payed the guys, don’t try to find them. Good bye.


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