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November 3, 2012
English: child

English: child (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


People usually are not scared for themselves and they can surrender to the God’s will, to the others and to the circumstances. In that order. When I contemplate about selfishness I see that some can adjust to the circumstances, but not surrender  to the loving person, even to the children of their own. Than I wonder how can they surrender to the God’s will.

When I say that your child knows better than you about surrendering, you’ll probably say that you have to learn your child to believe. That you need not to do if you did not surrender to the child and the God’s will. You can learn from your child who is surrendering to you completely. If you answer him back in the same way,  you will both know much more about the God’s love. And if you surrender to the God’s will, the child will do the same. That is when you do not need to tell in many words to your child about God. You just have to have an answers for your child when it is asking about God, not to tell him that he have to believe, but to tell him what are you believe and, more important: whom do you believe and to whom are you surrendering your will.

That need to do every believer, exam what is God’s will.

He wants everybody to be saved. He wants to love and worship His Glory and to love other people. He wants you to know how much He loves You and if you do that, you will be the witness of God in the world.


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