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Justice And Conscience

November 3, 2012



Justice And Conscience


suffering (Photo credit: muffinbasket)



It is easy to say, to mark: there is the pain, here is the suffer, this is something bad, that is not good, it is a broad term, and so on.

It is easy to say: that  I know from my experience, I know that you feel exactly „this and that“.

It is easy to say after the suffering: that is normal. It happens to  the human.

But it is not easy to answer when somebody says: it’s a pain.

People react with powerless and often without words in a best case. That is a good reaction. Because, when you try to help with the words, it is only a prove that you don’t feel. And that is not normal. And the justice do not help. Only trained humans know how to help. They learn how to help. That is the most effective what some can do.

The trained people are fighters, they probably learn how can you kill somebody or hurt him, that they need to know before they lend a hand.  But the justice ask them responsibility, people love to blame those people. It is little weird: you learn, you help and than you have to reply to the justice.

It seems that there are many who are suffering in the world.

Somehow I have a feeling that  there is much more humans who are not suffering. Not to speak about those who do not want to do the thinking or to take daily responsibilities.

And that is all what Jesus expect from us, to perform our duties which the conscience give us.


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