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Every Bit Of The Coin

November 6, 2012

Every Bit Of The Coin



It seems I have to choose,

I’m not a one man woman,

I even love to be a little sad.

Because there’s nothing to loose,

Sadness is for  saint human.

Was happy while you led.


It seems you’re lonesome

You’ve lost everything

You’re tired, without the future.

It is hard to tell a song.

Believe you’ll get a swing,

And more, with a friend mutual.


God can be a comforting image

Nice song, soft word or so,

But I don’t give a damn.

Heart has to have a vintage

If it is not closed and cold,

It has to see the Lamb.


The more you sacrifice,

The nearer you come

To the point of  joy.

Watching someone maybe dies

need giving the income

to the enemy, every coin.

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