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my suit

November 6, 2012


November, 06.2012¸     my suit


We are savages in suits. I live like a real savage. Many of us are so. Only those who were communists taught us to wear suits. Today the suits are what you need when you’re hunting. I do not wear suit any more, often I go for  food and coffee without a proper suit. I am relaxed, live in a cottage which is on the top of the valley which is very peaceful, I’m alone with myself and because of that I conclude I’m a savage. But there’s a sin, I smoke, so I pray the Lord all the time. It is my culture. I will be healthy one day and won’t need a cigarettes.


I don’t know if I want to write, but the inspiration will come.

Today I’ve heard that somewhere is bad whether. Finally, it is raining. I love rain.  I love to look through my open windows, when I am sitting on the floor with the bamboo on my back, on the wall. I see clearly, that view on the valley is whole my life.

I have a little Temple in the corner. Made it for myself and to celebrate Jesus ,  the Lord.

It is  a needs to be alone in front of Jesus.

I got a real temple near my valley. Sometimes I wear nice when I go there.


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