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Social Identity

November 6, 2012


November, o6.2012.,   social identity



When you get alone, first question is about your social identity.

I usually write when I am sure that I told everything I had to.

After that the thoughts come and I do the thinking about social phenomena or the voice of my soul, it depends.

After that and before and in the middle of everything  I pray. Or I go to sleep.

My identity is clear to me in God. But as a social being, I got no identity and maybe it is a disease or it is what they call „to be always in the same way because otherwise I am not able to recognize you“. Or „ I can’t rely on you“. I think that is not my busyness. A human is alone in front God and can be sure only in his own  two hands which are the soul of a human.

Social identity depends of others and their words. It is rare when you have a team work that it goes properly. But in case the team work is good, than you have identity and it is a part of a team and again you have no your own social identity.

The other thing is what you say that you are, that is what you want to be, but often it is not you and people don’t look at you as you told, people have words about you and about what you’ve said and that words are traveling through the time  and you and others think: that’s you, that’s your identity. That is nothing, my friend, empty words.

You have an identity only in yourself and people can talk whatever they want.


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