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Contaminated Minds

November 7, 2012


November, 07.2012. Contaminated Minds


I am not sad today. And the sun is going through my cottage and it  shines on the other side, on the west which I am looking at through my windows. It is beautiful to look at the shine on the  rocks of the houses under the baby blue sky, how it is not good to look at the sun. I do not see the sun, I see the shine.

We do not see the Lord, we see the shine on faces, in eyes and doings of humans. That is His glory.

You just have to open the curtains and look at the morning.

I am going to put the nice on .  Later.  That is not because of me and my happiness or my lonelyness. Not because I need a society as much. It is my duty.

Talking about mental disease, some of them comes from the society into the human, that is something we need to admit ourselves. It is as urgent to be careful with our children as it is urgent to find a solution for living with contaminated nature.

My valley has gases and smog which I see rarely. I drink  fresh water, I do not buy it and I don’t see if it is contaminated.

It is only surviving of a savage. I do nor worry.  Babies look health and clean. We do not see  if they are contaminated. But we have to worry how do we love them. Because we are  mentally contaminated and the children absorb like a sponge.



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