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Healthy People, Good Catch

November 8, 2012


NOVEMBER, 08.2012.

Healthy People, Good Catch


THE WORST REACTION when you are ill is denial.

I don’t remember, maybe I was doing some kind of asking and searching the exit at the beginning, but when I came once to the hospital, it was relaxing.

Now I have a little problem. When I try to warn people that there is one fact which is not visible and that fact is my illness, people do not believe me because of no reason. I see that is a problem, but not mine.

I have met some who believe me and some who love me but do not know how to talk with me. I do not know that neither. But I do know that I imitate a normal life pretty well. In my hunting ground there are souls whom I meet and they speak something like this: you only say that for excuse, you only think that in your mind, and so on. Try to imagine: you have a migraine and you took the pill, saying people that you have a migraine. Or you have a toothache and people sorry you or try to help you. It is normal. Imagine that people do not believe such words of yours. I am psycho, but my catch provokes me to kill them, in the other way said: I have to preach them. I have to put them the thought which  they have to think about or shut the mouth.

Because  people think that psychos are aggressive. I am, also, I have to say that they are not well and have to take care of themselves. I don’t have other wishes. Or they have to take care about their bad habits or about passivity or about their salvation.



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