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The Quality Of Life

November 8, 2012



November, 08.2012. The  Quality Of Life



A woman was with cancer. People had a good word, but something was wrong. Because she had to call friends and tried to be polite, even  interesting. She used to say: „ Hallo, it’s me, I am still alive.“ Everybody spoke about her, how nice and brave she is and how she laughed. But still nobody laughed with her, she had to call and call.

I’ve been with dieing people pretty rare, but was, and  I am now, with very ill people. I do not laugh, but I speak what I think. I actually never was speechless with alive people. Because it is life and life doesn’t mean that you will die, but it means that  you are living.  Till the end of my life or consciousness I do not want somebody not to say what does he think. That is real life, when you talk about things which has a point. You can’t start to sorry somebody, it is funny, better sorry yourself and your children.

Never will understand why people forget that they are dieing all the time. Suddenly, they shut up and start to worry. And everybody believe in God. How shouldn’t I worry about that?



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