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Preacher Or Witness?

November 11, 2012


November, 11.2012.

Our Lord Jesus Christ

Our Lord Jesus Christ (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Preacher Or Witness?


I’m not sure that the lot of preaching of any kind may be something bad and unsuccessful. If you are really heard just once in a lifetime, if it is only one person who really listen to just one your word, you have a good harvest. Jesus remember if you’re fed Him or visited in jail.

On the other side, you can push very hard  with no results

if you „forget“ to pray and thank Jesus for the inspiration.

So, I don’t think at all. I do not do the plan. I only want to say what I see and I hope that sometimes it is  a witness faith, which is the kingdom of Jesus. And, of course, it is none of my business to see what has been done, it is the matter of dear Lord.

I know only that I am searching for truth and trying not to lie, but also to believe almost everybody, then I am sure that I will make less mistakes. And I see that the words have a life, I see many signs, although I do not ask for them. Even when something looks like an ordinary lie, I believe people „just in case ( as a movie says )“. And the Lord surprises me really good.



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