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Imitating Jesus

November 12, 2012


November, 12.2012.  Imitating Jesus


I believe in the name of Jesus Christ. He is something completely different of all of history of mankind and of all capabilities which human can develop. The capabilities can be developed , but they have no purpose , they do not last without Jesus Christ. Hundreds of thousands years people think in the same way and that is not the way the Lord thinks.  So, Jesus is only real revolutionist in the world and nobody else.

To believe Jesus means take His every word in the heart and start to think in His way. Now.

The human has his dignity only as a believer in Jesus. Nothing else is worth mentioning, no efforts of human can do something worth mentioning. We learn and learn  and we are falling deeper in our non-logic thinking. You do not need to be clever, you have to try to think as Jesus think.

You can’t talk about Jesus as you talk about the book or the table. When you do that, you feel as you have a power.  A human’s power is an ordinary lie, it is a logical mistake in human’s mind.

That’s all because people do not see Jesus, because He is invisible. You can’t touch Him, look at His eyes and you make a pictures of Him and ideas. That is not worth mentioning. You have to read His words, alone, from time to time and try to see the logic of His mind. Your mind is invisible, but you ask from beloved people to respect your invisible mind, to believe you when you say something abstract. Then you show the example of what you think, but you know very well that there is no such a good example of the world which could explain your abstract mind.

So, it is not enough to imitate Jesus because you will get tired sooner or later, you will forget about Him from time to time.

You have to think what He thinks.

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