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Immortality Of Soul Doesn’t Exist

November 12, 2012


November, 12.2012. Immortality Of Soul  And Eternal Life



I was a poor been,  silent, introvert. I felt like a scarecrow, like a clown. I was very young and despite of all that, I preached about the – life, not knowing for a long, long time that Jesus is speaking about such a quality of life.

I was less then seven years old, isolated in family and in communism world and I spoke about life in such a way that my friends had to think about the dead. I used to say: do something because your life will past and you will be sorry you didn’t do better. Little baby communists were running from me or teasing me. But I spoke serious. I didn’t succeed to find somebody to talk with me about the quality of life.

Than I go to school and was very bad as a pupil, very stupid.

From the moment I knew for myself, I have found the difference between thinking of the  surroundings and me.

Thirty seven years later a man said to me that he believes in Jesus, the God and that he believes that Jesus is risen and that he believes that he also will rise up. That was all the man wanted to tell me, as the purpose of faith and religion.

But Jesus really died. Because if we think that our soul is immortal, there is no sense in believing in Christ. He saved us with his death. And the Father did the resurrection on Jesus, Jesus didn’t do that by Himself alone. And only after Father did the resurrection of Jesus, the Father has proved Jesus as a Righteous  in front of Him  . The Father prove  God-human Jesus, His Son.

So, what is the immortality of soul? Nothing. There is no such a thing. We cannot do something about ourselves, Jesus can.

Immortality of soul doesn’t exist. There is only immortality of faith that a human who eats the Body of Christ right now enters the eternal life.


Immortality (Photo credit: Francesco Carpi)

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