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A Frame Of A Human

November 13, 2012
human dimension

human dimension (Photo credit: ηeliʘ)


A Frame Of A Human


When a man loves a woman, it is always in the prayer which looks like a desire and can be  the whispering, but mostly it is a sudden silence ; a human can’t find such a word to express his love ; but the other one understands  that, in silence, too. A couple looks like  nothing is happening, at a first glance.

The conclusion of mine is that you needn’t to speak to beloved person, there is Love between those who love each other. How strong is that invisible „feeling“ ?  You can look each other in the eyes, but if you’re on the phone, the silence is happening anyway. If you are far from the person you love, it doesn’t change anything.

Here comes the faith.   A human is far and he feels. He think at first that he must get the beloved person right now, in some crazy way, but he don’t know why, what is he supposed to tell her if they were together??? Nothing. So, Love do not ask that. Love is asking of human to believe that a beloved person know very well exactly what a human who loves her feel, so exactly that you can’t put that „feeling“ in the words.

The problem is that a human do not know that, because he thinks that a distance is an obstacle for Love. And the human thinks that if you love one person, you can’t show the sympathy for others. That is an another problem,

The third problem is that a human do not believe in Jesus who is God and the God is Love.

A human has no frame, has no boundaries. He only have to pray.

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