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Born Personality

November 13, 2012


Novemeber, 13.2012.



Born Personality


What is the best thing about Jesus? He born the differences.

There is no sense to be alike with somebody else. It is important to be one. Those are two various ideas. We can’t be one if we are alike. We have to find each other with the eyes of faith and that is when every one of us find himself in Jesus.

That is the most excellent thing in God’s creativity, He create human and then He born him in Himself, giving the human his personality.

Every human thinks something different, but, by mistake,  humans are saying the same, they repeat others’ words. Many of us can repeat the word from Bible, but each means something else. Than, by mistake, humans behave in the same way, as they are alike. It is because they repeat the same words and do not do the thinking and do not pray about what they really think. And it looks like this, they say: I believe this, but I don’t believe that. That when they read or listen to the words from Bible.

It is not as funny that we have many religions, but the strange thing is that we have only a few religions.

Maybe it is better for us to have our own religion alone and than talk among us about the facts we believe. Maybe it is a nice way for us to see that we are speaking about one God.

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