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One Of Many

November 15, 2012


November, 15.2012.


One Of Many

English: europen Croatia

English: europen Croatia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


At this moment my personal story has no ending.

I’ve heard for Mr. Gotovina for the first time only long after my country was born.

Now, are we ready to integrate in Europe Union or not, that is the question which has been decided without me.  And I have no intentions to play games with the world, EU or not EU, doesn’t matter. Don’t want to prove something to somebody.

If Mr. Gotovina would be out of prison, he would probably be dead. If Croatia satisfies, I’m glad.

Just want to say that there is a big tension in me and it will come out, sooner or later, no matter what .


And I am not the only one who think that I am Mr. Gotovina and he is Croatia and I am Croatia. And he is, also, just a person who was on the right place in the right time.  6:42 AM



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