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November 16, 2012




Something I ‘ve put on the translator



When Adam and Eve, they met a Serpent, did not know for a lie, and believed the Father, and the Serpent. Not dealt immediately God but they were helpless. Inexperienced first trial due to appear in them. Before they saw the juicy apple, but also the father warned her, they heard the words of the serpent that did not see any disadvantages errors, all believed. And she did what guests tasted sin because then only their eyes were opened, if not wrong, but just listen to the Father, remain weak and inexperienced. Therefore, the Lord Jesus says “follow me” and “will all your strength” because you have to ripen on Golgotha​​, not remain innocent and guard her chastity that since Adam and Eve, we are no longer so we do not keep for nothing, nor pray for protection because if we had protection as a human we imagine, we would never have sinned and learn. Then there is no point man. Inevitably it is a sin. Because of the desire to preserve it, and we never clean, we become hypocrites.





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