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Faith In The Community

November 16, 2012


November, 16.2012.

Faith In The Community


I sang a holy songs, the prayer is the most closer to God when you sing.

What connection is between the state, the homeland and the God? It is the same thing in our nation, and it is in America, too, as I’ve been noticed. In God we trust. It is normal to love your neighbor, your family and those who are speaking your own language – it is your nation and a state. After that you love the neighbor ,  and after that you are supposed to love the mankind. You can’t tell that you love people if you do not love Jesus, yourself in a proper way and yours. It is easy to love people, but it is a challenge to love one human only and to love him all your life with no quarrel and misunderstandings. But if you love only one man or woman with faith and trusting, you really love everybody. That’s Love, our Lord.

We here are small, so we think that  we must be very loud, we have a feeling that people do not hear us well. In our days, that is not a fact any more, News are going everywhere and discover small nations in the same way they notice them as the big countries.

But we here , in our pretty valleys had  a heritage, we have to shout paroles as „the God and the Nation“, it only means that we think that in God we trust. And we do as a community, I saw that yesterday: everybody prayed for our country. This happened also when the pope visited us, we are the one, really.

So, I won’t criticize people’s faith today.



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