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An Europe Star

November 17, 2012


November, 17.2012.

The Europe flag with a heart which means: &quo...

The Europe flag with a heart which means: “I love Europe”. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

An Europe Star


There is a hunt which is not mine. We got to catch the war criminals, one is going to be delivered to our state. Some are in the jail, one is going to jail after a long trial, where I think that he is accused a little because of others and it doesn’t mean that the others can sleep in peace.

I remember the song from 1991. which is sing „stop the war in Croatia, let us be the one of the Europe stars“. Thanks dear God, I may shout that song to my peaceful valley with all my heart. There is no obstacle to want to integrate with other states like it was when I vote against. „No way“, I vote, „ to go in the Europe“. That is over now. Europe Union, which is only a part of the whole world, justified my dear savages ( as Wikipedia says ) and , what is maybe wierd, I, the savage, recognize the EU, I recognize America, Canada, Australia and the world. We are not equal, but we are partners now.

Dear Father, let us be what we know the best, let us be an Old Continent, old in the ages and young in the spirit. That I ask You in the name of your Son Jesus Christ. Amen.

4.46 AM




Thanks, Lord                                                     


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