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November 17, 2012





Just lost US 2.000.000, I can feel how greedy I am. It was one of that mails which I never answer, only because I am afraid of viruses. Who, on the world, knows what else could it be,  I am so afraid of nice offers. Don’t believe any. But for a second I felt I have that money! That’s more frightening, that is what science have to teach us in schools! I hate „Congratulations, You win“  and  „we chose you „ or „ You get a job“.

We didn’t have these things before, about twenty years ago.

Today, I’m still learning what a spam is. It could be exactly what somebody is preaching , in „various religions“, everywhere. People do not know the difference between selling nothing and talking Resurrection.

I remember the guy who was excited very much about that black economy, and when I said „no, thanks, I have  a religion, I am Christian“, he answered immediately „that’s better than religion“. At least, he didn’t say „better than sex“. But , he was Christian and that is what had put me in doing the hard thinking.

And now ,  today, I know better, but I feel a little helpless about how many of us do not respect the advice: do not have other gods besides me. 2127




No-spam (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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