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Tell Me You Love Me

November 17, 2012


November, 17.2012.


Tell Me You Love Me


There are so many words which we are saying instead the asking: tell me you love me. We do not want to remind somebody to tell that. But we are doing the salto mortales with our  words and behavior, only to get somebody who will love us, to be more precise: to teach us to love. And we like to say „I love you“ , that’s a mistake. You suggesting yourself that love is here, somewhere, specially if you often repeat to somebody that you love him.

I Love You, Do You Hear Me?

I Love You, Do You Hear Me? (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I know, there is a sentence which says that a woman has to hear that once a day. But „to hear“ means „to know“, not only hearing that words, but get a conclusion „ it must be love, nothing else“. And when you get that conclusion you need not to feel some strong feeling. The important thing is that you concluded with your „sense“ in mind , with your spirit and without any thinking speculation.

After that you can start to tremble. 2208


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