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November 18, 2012

Savages ( translation)

November, 18.2012    ARMAGEDDON

Jesus in the conscience of humanity

Why do people talk about the end of the world?
Why do you always find many in the history of civilization, who believe that the world will collapse, that “soon” will come a decisive war and cataclysm?

They feel guilty. They feel guilty, common historical and secular world remorse.
One day, he secretly fear, there will be a great end of all this, because the world is simply bound to perish, go to perdition, and besides, we all die, life has no meaning and no future and the whole world does not make sense. The old days are still those that were good and better than the new times, each new young generation “is destroyed.”

The promise of the end of the world is deep in people, in their conscience, whatever people were. This is proof that there is one God, and that works in us, because conscience is the voice of God in the man who tells him what is right and what is not.
Fear of failure is a sign that the world of humanity has a future that is not a disaster but the development of moral and ethical awareness in man.
Fear of Armageddon, forebodings of that possibility, proving that mankind is better than it thinks it is. It is a sign that shows how a man condemned of himself before admitting that he is guilty of something. If they do not feel guilty for his actions, he feels guilty about his whole human race. Feeling of collective guilt, remorse unity of all people. And that’s exactly why God the Father and allowing it to make decisions for themselves, to be developed in the communion and the love of another man that is the same or greater than the love of ourselves. 1811 1159 AM


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