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From “Letters”

December 15, 2012

From “Letters”

15 Dec

from the green nest

from the green nest


The Third Of Advent ( A Tear Of Angel, page 24)

He wrote and wrote, sang, poemizirao angel because he heard a voice from him or was it from a friend, but it’s maple podpadalo the same. Spiritual ga has held the fever, he went to the temple early repentant, reconciled to God and to myself and everyone and everything, it was amazing his Lord, and when he reached the hideout, and sat down to write, came to him countless messages that coincided with his thoughts and feelings, there could be a coincidence of circumstances, that no one ever could really trust, but friends gave him a voice, and through it all the Angels went through Maple Angels from the soul, blood, flesh and spirit and is all admirably agreed that Maple fell in love with the fever of the heavens and far, far away, where, who knows where the angel had its moments. Yes, he knew from experience that Maple Angel completely different thoughts and experiences. That was the reason that they overlap in the Lord was so amazing. And the message was, yes, a lot of messages, but one clear was that, like it used to be, and always was, the angel unconditionally the plain side, really, totally with it. Whatever the Maple suspected that sinning angel confirmed as completely different from authenticity, worthy of the most precious of human love and skill. He knew somehow Maple angel kiss by the end, it seemed. Maple himself so he never wanted. You could say that it is indeed the real deal and was an angel, she knows to love, care and comfort, but Maple has known many times that Angel does and knows a lot more and he likes Javora because she loves him and Maple him, as plain , an ordinary man when the human and the Lord loves another man. And this was not some kind of work, no matter how Maple felt he had no idea how much people have different spiritual abilities. Maple was convinced at that often and often knew concluded, totally cold, only one thing and that is that it must be right, and veritable love and nothing else, no way could be: this is not a Maple been since yesterday in amorous relationships and other things , and he was neither green nor young. Decides again to write, write, write … 15.12.2012. 17:04



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