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wordsaver liked your post

December 19, 2012
English: Education.

English: Education. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



wordsaver liked your post



I don’t try to attract readers as much as I learn and learn, and explore, what and how to write, I can’t read very much, but I did in the past. Now, I have a needing to write; when I do the writing every day, I feel healthy, awaken, fresh and ready for the duties. Simply, it is time for me to do what I have to do. I long to save everything I write only because there will be somebody who will read, I feel there will be at least one person who will think that I write something good.

But there are the followers and likers. They are readers! Isn’t that amazing, somebody became a part of my words with a fact that he or she liked what I say? And I am so hard to read so I neglect people in a way that I will loose them. But I can’t help it. Because, when I start to read, suddenly I have to say a lot and I start to write again and that is not enough to leave a reply, I have so much to say.

And what happens? I am aware that something is not alright, but I have to take a risk. Because my biggest wish is to be more and more honest so I can discover what is deep in me. And what is deep in me, while I am honest, it must be deep in everybody else. December, 19.2012. 3:52 am




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